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Parks & Open Spaces

Bestowed with picturesque landscapes, serene surroundings and beautiful parks, Clark offers a myriad of possibilities to host varied events and activities.  A world of advantages awaits you at Clark, your perfect venue to celebrate life’s many important events.  Its parks and open spaces are available for rent to groups.


1.  The Parade Grounds
The Parade Grounds, a 20-hectare sprawling greenery once used as a cavalry posts in the 20th century, provides an ideal venue for local and international marathons, entertainment shows, concept weddings, photo and video shoots, outdoor sports, bazaar, outdoor exhibits and team-building activities.

Way back before that, it was a pastureland and called “Pati” by the Aytas. It was used by the Philippine revolutionary soldiers in staging attacks against American soldiers in their Angeles detachments. When the Americans took over, it was initially used as a grazing ground for the cavalry horses. Also, horses drills and troop parades were held here. Reveille was at 6 a.m.; cannons were fired at 5 p.m. and taps sounded at 10 p.m. everyday. Half of the parade grounds was used as polo field and baseball diamond. During the Japanese occupation years, 1941-1945, Filipinos were hired to plant vegetables here. After World War II, parades, reviews and other significant ceremonies were held here, until the departure of the Americans in 1991.

The eastern portion was used for polo and other athletic games, when new regiments came in, tents were pitched to serve as temporary quarters for the soldiers, the area was flanked on one side by the “barns” and the other side was a large open area where troop barracks, black smith shops, and stables were located.


  1. Permanent stage and stage area
  2. 2.3 kms. jogging path
  3. Open field


2.  Bicentennial Park

Just a stones-throw away from the Parade grounds is a 2-hectare recreational park which serves as a suitable venue for social gatherings, themed parties and picnic. It features facilities that will surely suit your events’ needs: Pavilion, stage, picnic tables, Children’s Playground, powder and wash room. The park is open from Mondays thru Sundays from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m.



3.  Picnic Ground

Nestled at the northern portion of Clark is an 8-hectare picnic ground. Its relaxing and refreshing ambiance is a famed spot perfect for family get-together, picnic and camping. It is also complimented with its amenities that will surely make your stay an enjoyable one.


  1. Picnic tables
  2. Biking area and bikes for rent
  3. Powder and wash  Room

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