Supia Resort

Looking for a villa with jacuzzi, private pool and multiple rooms to spend your weekend? This is your place to go!

Location: Lot 2, Abacan St., and Quitangil St.
Number of Villa/s: 40   Number of Room/s: 0

Number of Meeting Room/s: 0   Contact: Tel. No.: +63(45) 436 3624/+63915 351 6167

Supia Resort takes inspiration from the beautiful and tranquil surroundings of Clark. Itís very accessible as it is only 10 minutes away from the Clark Airport and from the city center. It does not only boast spacious rooms but it is also pet-friendly! This resort is very ideal for everyone who fancies a quick trip to Clark without compromising privacy and the comforts of oneís home. Rest and recreate with family and friends in a villa with great character here in Supia Resort.

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