Quest Plus Conference Center

Your Quest for the best starts here.

Location: Mimosa Drive, Mimosa Leisure Estate
Number of Villa/s: 2   Number of Room/s: 303

Number of Meeting Room/s: 9   Contact: +63(45) 599 8000

A 4-star hotel nestled within the beautifully landscaped Mimosa Leisure Estate, Quest Hotel offers sophisticated villas with pool, suites, grand ballroom ideal for social gatherings, expos, exhibits and conventions, a 36-hole championship golf course, casino, fitness center and swimming pool. Not to mention Mequeni Live, a restaurant which is absolutely worth the experience. It is a conventional wisdom that business has to be business as usual all the time. While there may be truth to that, doing business with pleasure may also be possible. And it can be made possible here in Quest Hotel.

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